The wildlife migration of the Maasai Mara was recently declared among the new Seven Wonders of the World. It attracts almost 300,000 tourist a year and earns the tourism industry over 600 million Ksh.  This substantial amount of money is shared by the tour operators, camp owners and air line owners with only a tiny amount being accessed by the local community. This community does not participate or benefit from the tourism on their own land simply because they do not own or participate in the running of the tourism industry. Despite having all these resources the community still remains the poorest in Kenya. Moreover, the community has developed a negative attitude towards wildlife and tourism.
We established the SEMADEP Safari Camp in 2006 to generate revenue which will support the community welfare projects and to enable the Sekenani Maasai community to participate in tourism and wildlife conservation.
The SEMADEP Safari Camp is situated only 2 kilometres from the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. The camp site attracts both local and foreign tourists. The location of the camp on the foot of Naureri Hill offers a panoramic view point for all our clients.
The activities we offer include: hill walking, visiting EWANGAN cultural village, traditional Maasai dancing, bush dinners, Maasai cultural talks around the camp fire at night and game drives. 
The project aims to provide a quality service to our visitors, and support sustainable development projects that benefit the entire community.
- To improve household incomes through community based eco-tourism activities that conserve wildlife.
- Facilitate community participation in the tourism and conservation being undertaken on their own land.
- To demonstrate to the communities around the Mara of the importance of environmental conservation.
- To offer quality experiences to tourists visiting the Maasai Mara.
- To use profits from the camp to support community projects.